AFO Dataset

Aerial drone dataset of floating objects

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About project

About project

About project
The goal of this project is to create labeled dataset, which will enable training of neural network detecting floating objects. This technology could be used for finding and saving people lost at sea.

Creation of this algorithm is the goal of my engineering thesis, however the dataset will be made publicaly available for free download for other programmers from around the world to use in their work.

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Computer vision

Creation of a gooddataset is thekey to successfor every project linked with computer vision, neural networks and artifficial intelligence. For correct detecion of objects on photos or videos computer needs to first analyze tens of thousands of similiar pictures. Unfortunately, despite collecting some of the materials, I still need more data to train my algorithm for it to successfully detect objects in different surroundings. If you have any videos or photos of objects floating on the water surface made in “bird’s eye view”, I would very much appreciate sending them to me. Not only will you help me make my engineering thesis, but you wll also help creating a database for interesting and usefull technolgies.

Computer vision

Few minutes of video is enough

In machine learning the most important thing is the diversity of data used in training of the algorithm. That’s why even a couple of minutes of Your video can make a big difference in precision and quality of my algorithm.

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