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Photos / videos sending method

I am pleased to see that You decided to send some materilas that can help me in my project. The transfer method is irrelevant for me, choose the one You preffer. Before sending any files please compress it to one format(.zip, .7zip, .rar).

Suggested methods of phot/video transfer

  • Send them to my drive
  • Wetransfer (my mail:
  • Any other form You want (my mail:

Copyright laws

If You decided to send your photos/videos please clik the button bellow and fill out a short form, which confirms that You willingly decided to share your materials and you agree for me to use them in my project.

Data I need the most

Here is the type of materials I speciffically need, but You can just send whatever You have. 🙂 It will be a great help.

  • Data doesn’t have any ‘artistic value’ to me, I just need the photos/videos to be clear (unblurred)
  • The more objects in the picture the better (people, boats, surfers, wind/kite surfing gear, buoys etc.), if it’s just water then it’s not much use to me
  • Photos/videos from open sea (waves), those I have very few
  • It’s best if the photos/videos were taken in a way depicted on the picture bellow (blue lines)(more from above than from the side)
  • The more materials the greater the help 🙂

  • Dariusz Nawrocki

    Przesyłam kilka ujęć z Chorwacji
    Może się przydadzą 😉

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